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LS-04 Travelgraph

An automatic world-timer watch from Washington, D.C.

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World Timer Function

Twenty-four timezones. One watch.

The LS-04 Travelgraph makes use of a modified GMT movement to display the time across twenty-four timezones in an intuitive and easy-to-read fashion

Local time is displayed on the central dial with a traditional hour, minute and seconds hand. 

Global time is displayed on the rotating 24-hour disk mounted below the dial. To read the time in any other timezone, simply find the location on the fixed chapter ring and read the number next to it. 

Example: In the accompanying picture, the local time is 10:24. If you want to know the time in Paris, simply find "Paris" on the chapter ring and read the corresponding number, in this case it is16. This means it is 16:24 in Paris.

Jumping Local Hour

Easy and straightforward time setting

The Travelgraph features an independent setting feature for the local hour hand. This means that when you travel between time zones, nothing else needs to be readjusted. 

By pulling the crown out to the first position, the wearer can simply advance or retard the hour hand without affecting the global time display or minutes hand.

To set the time:

  1. Pull the crown out to the second position and set the global time first.

  2. Push the crown back into the first position and set your local hour hand as needed.

And that's it. The watch may be complicated, but using it is not.


DST Adjustment

Unlike most world timers, ours is correct all year

The Global Time display compensates for Daylight Savings using a correction scale. Time zones that use DST have a line next to them. If DST is active, follow the line and read the next number instead.

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Devil's in the details

Where artistry and engineering meet

Our mission with the Travelgraph is to prove utility and horology are not mutually exclusive. 

While the Travelgraph is designed to be pragmatic and useful, it is far from being utilitarian. 

The Travelgraph transcends the typical tool watch with its intricate case and bracelet finishing, showcasing an exquisite interplay between brushed and polished surfaces. The dials, while legible, also feature a high degree of finishing and, in the case of the Constellation variant, exotic materials.

The precision required in achieving such intricacy reflects our commitment to craftsmanship and our dedication in making a functional timepiece that doubles as wearable art. 

Built in the D.C. Area

Hand-assembled an hour's drive from the capital

The Travelgraph is proudly assembled in the greater Washington D.C. area, where each timepiece undergoes meticulous final assembly, quality control, regulation, and pressure testing to ensure it meets our rigorous quality standards. 

While we work with various global partners on the parts (such as Miyota in Japan for the movements), the Travelgraph truly comes to life in our facility in Hagerstown, Maryland. 

Each watch comes with a one-year warranty, providing further assurance of its quality and durability. The Travelgraph is meant to be worn and used, as such any defects in the movement are covered within the warranty period. 




Case Size





Lug width



Thickness excluding crystal



Below are the technical specifications for the LS-04 Travelgraph 

Base Movement

Miyota 9075 Automatic 

42-hour power reserve

Water Resistance



Quick-release w/ micro-adjust



Double-domed Sapphire with 6-layer antireflective coating

Case Material

Stainless Steel (316L)


BGW9 Swiss SuperLuminova

Pricing and Availability

Travelgraph is open for pre-order with deliveries tentatively beginning in Q4.


Only 50 pieces will be made in each color. 

Prices below may be subject to change. 

“With the worldtimer complication and 100m water resistance, this is a very capable watch for a nice price. On top of that, it even comes with a not-often-seen aventurine dial."

Daan De Groot, Fratello Watches

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