Our new timepiece is finally here. The Lesablier Chronosport will be coming to Kickstarter later this year. 

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Fine watchmaking


Lesablier is a boutique watch brand dedicated to providing distinctive and exquisite timepieces to watch enthusiasts from all around the world. 


 All Lesablier's timepieces are bold and distinctive, and are all custom-tooled in-house. We pride our selves in our complex designs and use of materials/practices usually reserved for the ultra-luxury independent watch brands. 

Whether it be an oven-fired enamel dial, or our complex three-piece case, Lesablier never takes the easy route. 


Limited Production


We believe strongly in quality over quantity. All Lesablier timepieces are limited production, bearing their independent serial numbers on the dial and the caseback. 

By making fewer watches, we are able to pour more time and effort into making sure each and every one of our watches come out perfectly. 

Once a model is sold out, it is discontinued. 


Devil's In The Details

All Lesablier Timepieces are finished to the highest quality, with more than meets the eye. A good example is our Sport Classic's intricate stainless steel case that has five different finishes on each watch. The Supernova variant makes use of an aventurine dial, an incredibly difficult to work with material, usually only seen on 5 or 6-figure timepieces. 

For us, there's no detail too small. At the end of the day, we are watch guys and the little details that excite you about the watches you love, excite us too. 

It is our goal to provide unparalleled craftsmanship, exotic watchmaking practices, and affordable prices to everyone.

Explore Lesablier Timepieces Below: