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LS-04 Travelgraph
  • LS-04 Travelgraph is now available to pre-order! 


    Price will increase on June 6th, 2024


    Expected to ship Nov-Dec 2024. 


    LS-04 Travelgraph is an automatic world-timer watch built in the Washington, D.C. area. It is the fourth release from Lesablier, preceded by the well-acclaimed Chronosport.


    For those new to world-timer timepieces, telling the time is very simple. The local time (and minutes) are shown by the hands. To read the time in any city, simply refer to the rotating 24-hour disk beneath the city name. The beauty of a world timer complication is that the wearer can effortlessly read the time in 24 time zones accross the world.


    Furthermore, the LS-04 Travelgraph has independent hour setting, making the watch incredibly easy to set and makes it such that it won't require constant readjustment .


    Travelgraph is not defined just by its complication. It features our most intricately finished case yet, with a variety of brushed and polished finishes throughout the case and bracelet. 


    The production version will include a fold-over clasp with a micro-adjustment position to ensure a comfortable fit on the wrist.


    *The product photos will be the production version, the following photos featuring the "00/50" dial are pre-production prototypes. The production version features our updated logo, removal of the dial-side serial number, updates to the city ring, and contrast second's hand tip. 


    LS-04 Travelgraph will be built*, quality-controlled, pressure-tested and regulated in the greater Washington, D.C. area. 


    *Parts, such as the Miyota movement, are sourced from overseas. 


    LS-04 Travelgraph

    $875.00 Regular Price
    $755.00Sale Price
    PRE-ORDER IS OPEN, Deliveries expected Nov.-Dec. 2024
    • World Timer Complication: LS-04 Travelgraph is able to track 24 different time zones effortlessly. Global time is read from a rotating 24-hour disk pointing at 24 different time zones marked on a fixed internal chapter ring. To read the time in any city, simply find it on the chapter ring and refer to the number on the disk next to it.

      Jumping independent local hour set: Local time can be set by independently adjusting the hour hand, allowing the wearer to change the time with nothing more than a flick of the crown. This is called the "Flyer" GMT function.

      Daylight Savings Correction: LS-04 Travelgraph features a correction scale for Daylight Savings. Time zones that participate in daylight savings are marked with a line next to them.

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